About CEDO

CEDO Mission:  Engaging our community to build a vibrant, healthy and equitable city.

CEDO Core Values:  Public service, community, equity, respect, opportunity and innovation inform all of our policies and practices, both internally and out in the community.  We strive to incorporate these ideals into the work we do with one another, our partners, and the people we serve.

Public Service

We serve the people of Burlington and respond to needs in our community.


We improve quality of life in Burlington by connecting people and neighborhoods with one another, our community partners, and city government.


We ensure that all community members have the opportunity to participate in City initiatives and be heard.


We treat all people with kindness and consideration and approach our interactions with empathy and thoughtfulness. 


We foster opportunities for all citizens to prosper and thrive by growing the tax base and supporting entrepreneurship, education, and job growth.


We embrace a culture of innovation and creativity, and we develop new solutions to meet the future needs of our community.


The Community and Economic Development Office (CEDO) celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2013.  View the event video here.

The Community and Economic Development Office was created in 1983 by City Council Resolution.  Under the City's Charter, CEDO is responsible for:

  • Developing and implementing a comprehensive community and economic development strategy, as well as projects, for the city
  • Working on behalf of the city to stimulate investment, and to attract, retain, and encourage the development of both existing and new economic enterprises
  • Developing, coordinating, implementing, and administering a comprehensive program to address the city's housing needs
  • Developing, coordinating, implementing, and administering waterfront development activities other than those activities which the Planning Commission and the City Council must exercise under the Vermont Planning and Development Act
  • Recommending to the City Council, and to solicit on behalf of the City Council, grants-in-aid funds for the city
  • Administering Community Development Block Grants and Urban Development Action Grants
  • Coordinating and facilitating citizen participation in economic and community development with community organizations, city commissions, and the Neighborhood Planning Assemblies