Designated Downtown District - Burlington, Vermont

Burlington’s Designated Downtown &

Neighborhood Development Areas have been renewed through 2022

Tax credits are available for downtown property owners!

Downtown Designation Benefits

The downtown designation program supports local revitalization efforts across the state by providing technical assistance and state funding to help designated municipalities build strong communities. In addition to the City’s priority consideration for various state grants, property owners within the designated area are eligible for the following benefits:

  • 10% add on credit to Federal Historic Tax Credit projects
  • 25% Historic Tax Credits for façade work
  • 50% Code Improvements Tax Credits for ADA modifications, electrical/plumbing work, elevators, sprinkler systems, and lifts
  • 50% Technology Tax Credits for data/network systems and HVAC
  • No Act 250 permit fees and reduced review criteria; qualified mixed-use housing projects are exempt from Act 250 review

To find out if your property is within the Designated Downtown Area, see the map below. For more information and to find out if the work you'd like to do qualifies for these tax credits, please visit the Vermont Downtown Program Website or call 802-828-3047.

Neighborhood Designation Benefits

The neighborhood development area program provides special permit and tax incentives for communities and developers that commit to building mixed-income housing in neighborhoods adjacent to the designated downtown. These incentives are aimed at reducing the time and cost associated with state permitting:

  • Exemption from Act 250 review
  • Exemption from land gains tax
  • State wastewater permit fees capped at $50

To find out if your property is within the Neighborhood Development Area, see the map below. For more information about these benefits, please visit the Vermont Neigborhood Program Website.

Community Updates

Click here to see how these benefits contributed to reinvestment in Burlington’s downtown area from 2012-2017, and here to see an update of other successes within the designated area during the same time. The City’s application for continued participation in these programs through 2022 was approved by the Vermont Downtown Board on March 27, 2017.


City of Burlington Designated Downtown & Neighborhood Districts Map