Rapid Intervention Community Court

Burlington's Community Justice Center is one of the partners in the Rapid Intervention Community Court (RICC) pilot project in Chittenden County.  This collaborative effort brings the State's Attorney's Office together with community partners to provide treatment and services for some of the common root causes of criminal behavior such as substance abuse.  Referrals come from the State's Attorney's office.  Upon completion of the Restorative Panel process (including paying restitution owed to victims) and successfully fulfilling other programming requirements like those above, an offender can avoid having a charge on their permanent record. RICC is available (but not limited) to repeat offenders.

The goals of RICC are to:

  • Enhance public safety by using public health strategies
  • Lower barriers to services and treatment
  • Tailor services to address risk responsive principles, and
  • Save taxpayer money


To learn more about the role of the Burlington Community Justice Center in this innovative program, or if you have been referred to the Burlington Community Justice Center by RICC, please contact Jocelyn Dubuque at (802) 865-7589.

To contact the RICC office directly, please contact Community Coordinator Emmet Helrich at (802) 951-0120 or Compliance Monitor David Lines at (802) 859-5936.