Department of Public Works

Water Quality

Burlington Water Resources is committed to delivering the highest quality drinking water possible and the "Lake to Tap" process has many components.  Our water is sourced directly from Lake Champlain and processed at the Water Plant before making its way through the distribution system and into your home or business.  We conduct annual testing for detectable contaminants and publish the results in a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR).  You can review all digitized copies on the CCR page.  Our distribution system has 110 miles of infrastructure and there can be occasional disruptions resulting in a loss of pressure or discoloration.  This can be caused by both routine maintenance and emergency repairs of mains, valves, hydrants, fire services or the pipe material of your service line.  If you are experiencing an issue please review the scheduled work on the Hydrant Flushing and Fire Sprinkler pages or call us at 863-4501.