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Lakeview Terrace Greenway

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What is the Lakeview Terrace Neighborhood Greenway?

The Lakeview Terrace Neighborhood Greenway will be one of Burlington's Neighborhood Greenways, along Lakeview Terrace from Berry Street to Haswell Street. Lakeview Terrace was prioritized because it is a low volume street that provides an alternative to bicycling along sections of North Avenue, connecting the bike lane on North Avenue to the Burlington Greenway by the waterfront.


What will be included in the Neighborhood Greenway?

The Lakeview Terrace Neighborhood Greenway will begin as a quick-build project, which is a new model of community engagement that uses paint and adjustable materials to rapidly test street safety in real time. It is planned with the expectation that it may undergo change after installation, and it is built using materials that allow changes. Materials and placement of some quick-build elements will be refined based on input from the neighborhood.

The basic elements of the Lakeview Terrace Neighborhood Greenway include wayfinding signs and green-backed sharrows to guide people along the route. Traffic calming elements build on the basics to encourage people driving to maintain the slow speeds that are appropriate for quiet, residential streets:

  • Curb extensions at the intersections of North Avenue create a gateway into the neighborhood
  • Neckdowns and traffic circles along the street will maintain slow driving once people enter the neighborhood
  • Materials will include paint, low flexible bollards, and large planters, all of which are adjustable materials

How long will the project be in place?

Quick-Build Projects are interim-design, meaning they are intended to stay in place for up to five years. If the project is a success, it will remain until capital dollars can make it more permanent (typically 1-5 years).


How can I get involved?

This is a new model of community engagement. Rather than talking about potential projects at community meetings and looking at paper plans, we use flexible materials that we can adjust based on the community's feedback. Look out for signs, flyers, Front Porch Forum and social media postings to get the word out about future pop-up meetings or quick demonstrations.


At any point during the project, you can share your feedback, comments, concerns or questions by emailing or calling 802-863-9094 x3.

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Images of pop-up curb extension at Berry St and North Ave and pop-up traffic circle at Haswell Street and Lakeview Terrace.


What's next?

On September 28th, 2017, the DPW team introduced the Lakeview Terrace Neighborhood Greenway and received very helpful feedback. Based on the feedback from the pop-up meeting and follow-up emails:

  • The curb extensions at Berry / North Ave will be reduced in size to make access easier.
  • The curb extensions at Haswell / North Ave will be evaluated for similar considerations.
  • Conversations will continue with Scout & Co. to understand if any elements other than landscaped planters are desired in the curb extension at the corner of Berry Street.
  • Lakeview Terrace will not immediately be considered for closure. It is important to have a resilient street network to alleviate congestion and prevent unsafe turning movements, and street closure is generally reserved for complex or skewed intersections.
    • Traffic from nearby developments will not be encouraged to use Lakeview Terrace. The traffic calming elements at the entrances to Lakeview Terrace (curb extensions at North Avenue intersections and a traffic circle at Haswell Street) will provide a physical and visual reminder for drivers to use other roadways to pass through, and to maintain slow speeds if driving through the neighborhood.
    • Traffic data will be collected 1-year after installation of the Neighborhood Greenway and will try to be timed with occupancy of the new development at the southern end of Lakeview Terrace. Traffic impacts from the redevelopment are expected to be very minimal, but this data collection will provide substantive information to inform any reconsideration of the need to close Lakeview Terrace.

Installation of the Lakeview Terrace Neighborhood Greenway will begin in spring of 2018.


If you were unable to attend the pop-up, here are links to the flyer and proposed plans (below)  that we shared at the event: