City of Burlington, Vermont

City of Burlington, Vermont

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Quick-Build is....Safer Places to Drive...Safer Places to Bike...Safer Places to Walk...


The Burlington Quick-Build program is an initiative of the City of Burlington Department of Public Works to deliver a phased approach to bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure projects that improve safety and connectivity. These projects were identified in the planBTV Walk Bike Master Plan, and will be built quickly, with low-cost materials, so that residents, businesses, and visitors can experience them immediately and provide real-time feedback. Quick Build projects allow community members and DPW to experience and evaluate projects before committing to long-term capital upgrades. The materials are fully adjustable and can change based on community input. If the projects are successful, they will be refined and kept in place until they are made permanent (1 to 5 years).




How to get involved? 

This is a new model of community engagement. Rather than talking about potential projects at community meetings where we would look at paper plans, we use flexible materials that we can adjust based on the community's feedback. A Quick-Build Project is ...

  • ... an interim-design that may be adjusted but is intended to stay in place for some time. 
  • ... planned with the expectaion that it may undergo change after installation.
  • ... built using materials that allow changes. 

The installation itself may be the beginning of the public outreach process. Sometimes we will have a quick demonstration and pop-up meeting in a neighborhood. Look out for signs, flyers, Front Porch Forum and social media postings. 

Quick-Build projects currently in development include:

Quick-Build Project Examples:

Neighborhood Greenways

Curb Extensions

Protected Bicycle Lanes


Quick-Build Project Materials Guide: coming soon...


Do you have any questions/comments/concerns about the Quick-Build Program or would like to know more about upcoming projects?

Please contact: 802-863-9094 x3,