Department of Public Works


Current Rates FY 19 (July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019)*

The water rate is $4.31 per 100 cubic feet for all users and $4.39 for water only accounts.

The wastewater rate is $5.82 per 100 cubic feet for all users.

Users who generate waste with a Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) that exceeds 400 milligrams per liter may be subject to a monthly wastewater surcharge.  This surcharge is applicable to certain types of commercial or industrial users.  Please contact us to discuss the possible strength of your waste and the City Ordinances that regulate use of public sewers (section 26-71).

Stormwater rates are based on your land use code and you can either be assessed a flat fee or be charged based on your actual impervious surface. 

  • Single Family: $6.60/month flat fee

  • Duplex: $6.56/month flat fee

  • Triplex: $7.56/month flat fee

  • Directly Assessed Customers: $2.47 x ISU/month 1 ISU = 1,000 sq.ft. impervious

Water Resources is also subject to the Street Franchise Fee (section 27-122) whereby we pay 3.5% of our gross revenues to the City. 

*The FY 19 budgets for the Water Resources (Water, Wastewater and Stormwater) Enterprise funds were approved by the City Council on June 18, 2018.  Please see the FY 19 budget presentation for more details on the revenue and expense drivers for FY 19 and possible drivers in FY 20 and FY 21.  

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