Due to construction, public access to the City of Burlington Land Records vault will be extremely limited on Monday, July 22 and Tuesday, July 23. Records can be accessed online by visiting: https://i2f.uslandrecords.com/VT/Burlington/D/Default.aspx
If you need immediate access to records not available online, please contact the Clerk/Treasurer’s Office Customer Service at (802) 865-7000, option 1, then option 0.

Department of Planning & Zoning

Picking Up Your Zoning Permit

Applicants are required to come back to the Department of Planning and Zoning to sign and pick up approved permits the day after the appeal period has passed. Please make sure you are ready with the following if needed:

  • Documentation that any Pre-Release Permit Conditions have been completed.
  • Payment of any outstanding fees. Larger projects often have a "Development Review Fee", which is due at permit pick up.

You will be provided a copy of your zoning permit and will be required to sign the permit acknowledging that you have read, understand, and agree to comply with all the Conditions of Approval.

It is only after the appeal period has ended, all Pre-Release Conditions have been met (if any), all fees have been paid, and the permit has been signed by the applicant, that the zoning permit becomes valid and final. You can then recycle that Z-Card and get started on the next phase of your project!

In addition to the permit itself, you will receive other documentation including, but not limited to, Conditions of Approval, Construction Permit information, and instructions regarding Requesting a Certificate of Occupancy. Please retain your zoning permit packet for the Certificate of Occupancy process.