Department of Planning & Zoning

Status Report Frequently Asked Questions

In what order are zoning applications and permits listed in the tables? In the tables, applications are listed by property address, that is alphabetically by street name, and then by address number.

How do the Google Map reports work? The Z Card icons are located over the property for which the permit application applies. Clicking on an icon causes the report information to pop up for that property. It is the same infomation as shown in table format.

I know that multiple applications have been submitted for a property, but the Google Map reports show only a single icon and information about one. What about the others? In the case of multiple applications for a property, Google Maps stacks the Z Card icons on top of one another. The corresponding table-format report will list information about all the applications under review for a given property, but the map will show only one icon over the property.

When are permit or other applications shown on the Applications Under Review report? Applications are shown when a zoning review request has been submitted to the Department of Planning and Zoning, or is under some form of appeal. Specifically, applications are listed when applications have been submitted to the Department and have been entered into the permitting database. Applications must be signed and application fees paid in full to be accepted. An application will no longer appear on the Applications Under Review tables and maps once a decision has been made and the appeal period has ended, or when an applicant withdraws the application.

I submitted an application yesterday, but it is not shown on he Applications Under Review report. What's up? Applications must be entered into the permitting database to be shown on the reports. Generally applications are entered the day they are received, but in busy times applications may not be entered until the following day, creating a one-day lag in reporting.

My permit application is no longer shown on the Applications Under Review report. What happened? A decision was rendered on the application, and the appeal period is over. Applications that were approved become valid permits and are listed on the Permits Ready to be Picked Up report. These should be picked up at the Planning and Zoning office. Applications that were denied will no longer be shown on any reports. You will have received a letter explaining the reasons for denial, so you have the option to appeal the denial decision during the appeal period. Reasons for Denial are sent via certified mail on the day decisions are made.

What is an "Appeal Period"? Once a decision has been rendered on an application by staff or the Development Review Board, there is either a 15 or 30 day period of time (respectively), when the applicant or an interested citizen may appeal the decision. Appeal Periods are mandated by State law. Decisions made by zoning staff may be appealed to the Development Review Board. Decisions made the Development Review Board may be appealed to the Vermont Environmental Court. Finally, decisions made by the Vermont Environmental Court may be appealed to the Vermont Supreme Court.

What does the Appeal Period Ends column signify? The date shown is when the appeal period ends. Appeals must be submitted by 4 PM on the date shown. The following day, the zoning permit becomes valid and may be picked up by the applicant.

What does the Status column signify? This describes where in the review process an application is. "In Review" means that the application is under active review and the statutory clock is running. When a decision has been rendered, the status becomes "Appeal Period -" and the decision is shown. The Decision Date and the Appeal Period Ends date are shown in other columns.

What does the Description column mean? This is a summary of the zoning permit or other review request, and the project proposed.

What does "TBD" mean? TBD stands for To Be Determined.

What if I have questions about a report? Please call or visit the Planning and Zoning Office. The phone number is 802-865-7188, and the office is located in City Hall.

What if a report appears to be incorrect or out-of-date? Please call the Department of Planning and Zoning at 802-865-7188. Thank you.