City of Burlington, Vermont

City of Burlington, Vermont

Burlington Police Department
Antonio B. Pomerleau Building, One North Avenue
Phone: 802-658-2704 / Emergency: Dial 911
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Command Staff and Area Supervisors

Brandon del Pozo Jon Young Laura Cheney
Chief of Police A and E Area Lieutenant Executive Asst to the Chief of Police
(802) 540-2107 (802) 540-2303 (802) 540-2107
TBD Dennis Duffy Lacey-Ann Smith
Deputy Chief of Operations B Area Lieutenant Community Affairs Liaison
(802) 540-2107 (802) 540-2102 (802) 540-2393
Jannine Wright Matthew Sullivan Sarah Trieb
Deputy Chief of Administration C Area and Airport Ops Lieutenant Executive Asst to the Officers in Charge
(802) 540-2107 (802) 540-2215 (802) 540-2246
  Michael Warren  
  Administrative Lieutenant  
  (802) 540-2193  
  James Trieb  
  Detective Services Bureau Sergeant  
  (802) 540-2251  
  Jason Lawson  
  Downtown Lieutenant  
  (802) 540-2214



Please click here for a Color Coded map of all the Areas in Burlington. If you have a question or concern about incidents or events in your area, please contact the Area Supervisor for your location.