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Mayor Miro Weinberger and City Councilors Announce Support for Consolidation of BT Oversight


October 15, 2012
Contact:  Mike Kanarick

Mayor Miro Weinberger and City Councilors Announce Support for Consolidation of BT Oversight

Burlington, VT – Mayor Miro Weinberger and City Councilors today announced their support for the consolidation of oversight of Burlington Telecom into one committee, to be called the Burlington Telecom Advisory Board, or BTAB.  The BTAB would be charged with reviewing and advising BT management, the Mayor, and the City Council on operational matters, potential partners, and issues related to pending litigation.  The City Council will vote at its meeting tonight on a resolution to create the BTAB.  The resolution is sponsored by Councilors Joan Shannon, Karen Paul, Vince Brennan, Bryan Aubin, Chip Mason, and Norm Blais.

"I fully support and have encouraged the City Council's effort to consolidate oversight of BT into one committee," said Weinberger.  "The Council's move away from the status quo of having two citizen advisory groups oversee BT to a model that tasks the BTAB with advising the City Council on all aspects of BT makes good sense.  In a time of great turmoil and skepticism, the individuals who will serve on the BTAB have earned the public's trust over the last three years during their service on the BT Blue Ribbon Commission and my trust during my first six months as Mayor.  The BTAB is the right body to be overseeing BT in the immediate future."

The BTAB members would be David J. Provost, Senior Vice President, Champlain College, Pat Robins, Chairman/Founder SymQuest, David Parker, Senior Director of Corporate Development, Dealer.com, Joan Shannon, Ward 5 City Councilor/Council President, Karen Paul, Ward 6 City Councilor, and Vince Brennan, Ward 3 City Councilor.

The two prior oversight groups that will be replaced by the BTAB include the Burlington Telecommunications Advisory Committee (BTAC) and the BT Blue Ribbon Commission (BRC).  The BTAC was created by the City Council and has provided advice and feedback to BT management and the City Council on BT business issues.  The BRC also was created by the City Council and has been reviewing and advising BT management, the Mayor, and the City Council on potential offers to buy and/or partner with BT and on litigation issues.

"Having different boards overseeing different aspects of BT has left holes in the oversight of the organization," said President Shannon.  "It also has caused confusion regarding oversight responsibilities.  One board with clear authority and clear direction will have a holistic view of this enterprise, be more accountable, and better able to advise the Council on all aspects of BT."

"As a long-time advocate of careful and prudent financial oversight and greater transparency regarding BT and in all areas of City government, I fully support the creation of the BTAB," said Councilor Paul.  "I also would like to thank all the members of both the BTAC and the BRC, past and present, for their work on BT.  I believe the direction we are headed in is the best course for the BT and the City at this time."

"I've long thought the system of multiple oversight groups was a disservice to our efforts to advise BT," said Councilor Vince Brennan.  "I'm fully supportive of the creation of the BTAB and confident that we'll be able to streamline and maximize our oversight process for the good of BT and our City."

Please see attached Resolution Relating to Formation of BTAB.



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