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Assessor’s Office

Request for Proposals - Citywide Reappraisal

RE:  Request for Bids for a general city-wide reappraisal, CAMA software, imaging services and real estate appraisal reports.

Dear Reappraisal company,

The City of Burlington is seeking bids for the following;

1. A general city-wide reappraisal of all real property from qualified reappraisal firms (Articles X – XVI) The contracted Reappraisal company will update all property values to 100% of market value as of legal valuation date of April 1, 2021 (targeted date)

2. Selection and implementation of new computer assisted mass appraisal software (Article VIII) Currently, the City uses Patriot Properties 4.5.4 CAMA software. We are seeking an upgrade or a replacement thereof. The current property data will need to be imported into the new CAMA software.


3. High resolution ortho-photos oblique-photos and street-view images (Article VIII) As part of the reappraisal process, we are seeking contract(s) to have new high resolution ortho-photos, oblique-photos and street-view images.  This information will be implemented into GIS and be used by the City and the General Reappraisal company for property data information gathering and valuation. 

4. Qualified appraisers to conduct independent appraisal reports for a number of high valued properties (Article IX)


5. Project monitor by an independent project manager (Article IX) Please note that firms selected on activities 1 and/or 4 are not eligible to submit a bid to serve as the independent monitor.


Companies may bid on one or more of the above activities, with the exception of activity #5, which has bidding limitations. Bids for activities 1 – 3 are due on February 6, 2019 at or before 2 PM. Bids for activities 4 & 5 are due on April 1, 2019 at or before 2 PM.



John Vickery, City Assessor

LInks Below:
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Reappraisal RFP

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