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Department of Planning & Zoning

Filing An Application for Zoning Permit

Permits applications are NOT accepted after 4PM

Every application for a zoning permit requires:

  • An Application Form, signed by the owner of the property;
  • Payment of the required Fee(s);
  • Plans, drawings, and photographs of the property; and
  • Other information necessary for the City to make an informed decision on your permit request.

The same Application Form is used for all zoning permit requests. However each permit type has its own Checklist which specifies what additional information is required to accompany the application. Selected self-help resources are also available.

As soon as you have applied for your permit at the Department of Planning and Zoning, you will be given a red "Z-Card" (shown to right). This must be posted on your property in public view right away. Usually the Z-Card is posted in a front window or similar location so it can be easily read from the sidewalk.

This Z-Card serves as public notice that an application for a zoning permit has been made. This is not a permit or an approval to do anything. It is always a good idea to talk with your neighbors about your project beforehand so they are aware of what you are doing and are not surprised when the Z-Card is posted.