Assessor’s Office

Office of the City Assessor

The Assessor's Office function is to establish fair and accurate property values of all real estate and taxable business personal property in Burlington, Vermont. The department is responsible for the administration of all laws and regulations regarding property tax assessments.

The assessed values are the basis for the City's annual property tax levy. The Grand List Book is an inventory of approximately 11,000 taxable and exempt real estate parcels. Total taxable property value is greater than $3,750,000,000.

Additionally, there are approximately 300 business personal property tax accounts. All businesses need to register with the City Assessor’s office. Please click this embedded link for more information and to find the business registration form Business Personal Property Tax 

Citywide Reappraisal project

In 2018, the Vermont Tax Department mandated that the City of Burlington conduct a revaluation of all properties. The previous reappraisal was conducted in 2005.  Since 2005, the market values of properties have increasingly diverged from the 2005 assessed values; this divergence has not been uniform with respect to neighborhoods and classes of properties. Consequently, property valuations do not meet fair and equitable industry standards.

The goal of this revaluation project is to correct errors and inequitable property values so the tax burden is evenly distributed among all property types and properties.

We have contracted with Tyler Technologies Inc. to conduct the Citywide Reappraisal project. Tyler appraisers and city assessor staff will collect property data. As part of this process, we will be mailing letters to all residential property owners listing property data specific to each homeowner's property. We request that homeowners review the accuracy of this data and, using our online response form, submit data corrections to the Assessor's Office. Tyler will be requesting residential property inspections where deemed necessary. We will also conduct an inspection of your property upon request. 

Commercial property owners will be mailed and asked to complete an Income and Expense form. All commercial properties will be subject to inspection. 

Want additional information about the citywide reappraisal project? Click this link - Reappraisal Citywide

General Property Value Updates (non-reappraisal project annual work)

Our city office staff may also be sending a letter or postcard requesting an inspection for our regular annual review of permitted improvements for residential, commercial and multi-unit apartment properties. Please follow instructions noted in this correspondence for scheduling an appointment.

You are welcome to visit the City Assessor’s office with the property record card and meet with a city staff or a Tyler appraiser for a property card review.

The City Assessor’s office is located on the ground floor of City Hall, 149 Church Street, Room 17, Burlington, VT 05401.

We greatly appreciate the assistance from property owners in helping us make this project a success.

Thank you, John Vickery, City Assessor